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The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test (ASVAB) is a comprehensive exam given by all Military Service branches to determine what military service based skills and job sets a person is qualified to perform.  The ASVAB tests math and reading skills but also evaluates a person's ability to comprehend mechanical, 3D rendering, electrical systems and other vocational skill sets.

There is no obligation to join the military by taking the exam.  A minimum score of 31 is required to join the services.  The higher the score, the more career fields that are available.  (The Army has over 120 different career fields)  A score above 60 qualifies for additional enlistment bonuses and top level security clearance for certain positions.

Students who are 17 years old or older who are interested in joining any military or just interested to see if you qualify for a good military job, should take the exam to get a baseline score to see what career fields you qualify for. The first test at MPHS is on October 6th, 8am until 11am. An email will be set out a few weeks before the test to sign up. 

And don't forget, completing 3 years in JROTC automatically gets you a promotion upon entering the Army, an extra $5,000 a year plus a step ahead on promotion opportunities.

For more information you can contact MAJ Dunn at