Teacher and Staff Induction Program

All new certified teachers and paraprofessionals attend a three day Teacher and Staff Induction Program prior to the start of each new school year.  Participants receive an overview of our system’s Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, as well as an in-depth look at our district’s expectations to ensure high student achievement and success.  New teachers also attend an additional three day training on based on Learning Focused Schools’ Best Practices.


In order to further support Monroe County Schools’ teachers, our district has created a Mentoring program for teachers new to the field and new to our system. The program provides the basic information of the day-to-day duties of a classroom teacher and successful methodologies for maintaining exceptional best practices. The outcome of this program will be confident, effective, and dedicated teachers.

Along with developing a rigorous curriculum, providing appropriate textbooks and supplemental materials, and ensuring an effective use of technology, the Monroe County School system strives to hire highly qualified teachers who can challenge the students to produce their best work.  Research shows that a high percentage of teachers leave the field within their first five years. Not only is teacher turnover expensive and time consuming in terms of hiring and training new teachers, there can also be a negative effect on student performance.

It is our belief that Mentoring should be a rigorous support system for new teachers to Monroe County.  Because of the high expectations and time required to complete the Mentor-Mentee process, a Mentor should only support one Mentee during a given school year.

Program Goals:

  • To retain quality teachers

  • To guide professional growth

  • To create a welcoming, nurturing environment for teachers new to the school

  • To improve beginning teachers’ skills and performance

  • To support teacher morale and communications

  • To acclimate new teachers to the culture of the Monroe County School System

  • To facilitate a seamless transition into the profession and school

  • To create a non-threatening relationship so that the new teacher can discuss areas of concern without fear of reprisal

  • To introduce new teachers to the staff and community

  • To provide a good model of teaching and classroom management