Readers to Leaders Volunteer Program

Program Goal: 

To support the literacy development of PK-2nd grade children through the use of trained volunteers.

Volunteer Goal: 

To read and work with students on reading skills in an assigned PreK through 2nd grade classroom at least one hour per week.

Schedule/School and Classroom Assignments:   

Partner 1 trained volunteer with each PK-2nd grade classroom scheduled by Parent and Family Engagement Specialists and the school’s Administration.

Provide Centralized Volunteer Training (Parent and Family Engagement Specialists)

Provide Centralized Lap Reading Training (Elementary Instructional Coaches)

Provide School-Level Book Selection Training/Accelerated Reader Training (Elementary Media Specialists) 

System Alignment:
Strategic Objective I- Attaining High Student Achievement and Success

Strategic Objective III- Ensuring Student/Stakeholder Engagement & Loyalty

System Priority:  Improving Literacy and Numeracy Levels for All Students 

Please Contact:

Alicia Elder, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, at 478-994-2031 for training information and upcoming training dates.  

Additional Resources
Readers to Leaders Volunteer Program Training Powerpoint

Readers to Leaders Volunteer Interest Form