COVID Procedures in Dan Pitts Stadium

MC Schools

COVID Procedures for Dan Pitts Stadium


The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) has moved the start of the 2020 football season back to September 4. Part of that planning is ensuring the safety of our patrons at home events per COVID-19 guidelines and social distancing.

Dan Pitts Stadium has a seating capacity of 6000 (4500 on the home side/1500 visitor’s side). The standing room capacity is approximately 900. Below are the guidelines for capacity due to COVID and social distancing:

  • Mary Persons High School has determined that a 50% capacity (3000) is the safest amount allowable. This figure will be known as our COVID capacity for home events.

  • Tickets for games will be determined as follows

    • Season reserved ticket sales will be limited to 150 total

    • Season general admission ticket sales will be limited to 100 total

    • Student tickets bought at school (must use GoFan if MPHS is still virtually learning)

    • MPHS band 120 socially distanced in their section

    • 120 tickets will be sold at various places in town (United Bank)

    • Sell the remaining tickets on GoFan app

    • Season reserved + season general admission + student tickets + 120 band + 120 local sales + GoFan = 3000

  • There will be no general admission sales at the stadium. Advance tickets will be sold at United Bank or digital through the GoFan app only. GoFan app can be downloaded on your smartphone. Click here for the GoFan website

  • There will be no concession stands; Tent concessions with pre-packaged material and beverages. Money can be accepted. 

  • There will be sanitizing stations throughout the stadium in the concourse areas, gates, beverage tents, and bathrooms.

  • Patrons attending will be expected to follow all rules and guidelines on social distancing. Masks are recommended. 

Monroe County Schools and Mary Persons High School recognize any inconvenience and disappointment this guidance may cause. Please know we will do our best to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our patrons at our home events. This guidance is subject to change based on the most recent guidance from public health officials.