Georgia Department of Education Releases District CCRPI Scores

Monroe County Schools Seal

The Georgia Department of Education released the 2018-2019 school district College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores earlier today. This is the second year of the Redesigned CCRPI in Georgia. In the chart below, comparison data from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019 can help us gauge how our district and individual schools are performing. Performance was based on the following indicators:  Content Mastery, Progress, Closing Gaps, Readiness, and Graduation Rate. The chart below shows how Monroe County Schools performed against 2017-2018 CCRPI results and the state CCRPI averages. 

Content Mastery85.479.580.585.381.5NA
Closing Gaps100.075.0100.0100.075NA
2019 CCRPI Score86.784.689.689.085.887.7
2018 CCRPI Score84.179.582.581.478.081.4
2019 State Average77.
Improvement from 20182.

As you can see, every school and the system outperformed their previous year's CCRPI results and the state average for every level. Superintendent Dr. Mike Hickman stated, "The CCRPI scores for our district and for each school demonstrate the planning, preparation, and overall performance of our students, teachers, and support staff. The consistency illustrated in these results show that our collaborative professional learning efforts across the district are continuing to pay dividends. Student performance is a direct result of quality teaching and quality leadership. We have excellent teachers and educational leaders in our school system." 

All five schools in Monroe County also received a 5 Star rating (the highest rating) on School Climate, which is a measure of student discipline, stakeholder surveys, and staff and student attendance.

The four year graduation rate for Mary Persons in 2018-2019 was 86.6%, eclipsing the state average of 82.0%.     

Monroe County Schools also recognizes the importance of having a quality board of education, engaged parents, and a supportive community in the continued success of students and teachers in our school system.