Parent Mentor

What is Parent Mentor Partnership?
A parent driven initiative supported by the Georgia Department of Education for Exceptional Students and Monroe County School District. Parent Mentors are parents of children with different disabilities. 

What can we do for you?
- Listen and provide confidential support
- Provide information and resources
- Guide parents through the Special Education maze
- Build bridges between parents, educators, and administration
- Offer diverse trainings and workshops to meet parents' needs

When should I call a Parent Mentor?
- If you have any questions about the Special Education process
- If you need to talk with another parent about your concerns
- If you need Information on community resources

Meet Your Parent Mentor
Parent Mentor


Jennifer Paul Brown


ext. 1603


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My name is Jennifer Paul Brown. I came on board as  the Parent Mentor for Monroe County Schools in March 2019. I am the proud parent of Zander, a seven year old boy.  Zander, or Z as we like to call him, is an energetic little guy who loves to play outside and jump at SkyZone! He also happens to have Autism and is non-verbal. Zander attends Hubbard Elementary School and is enrolled is the Access program.  


As a parent of a child with a disability, I understand the challenges that can arise on a daily basis. I hope to be a point of contact to provide tools and resources that may assist you in navigating the school system and the specific needs of your child. Our goal is to make sure your child reaches his/her fullest potential.

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