Gifted Education

Gifted students in the Monroe County School System receive services through Project Soar at the elementary level, Advanced Learner Program for High Achievers (ALPHA) classes at Monroe County Middle School, and Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors classes at Mary Persons High School.

Monroe County Schools’ Project Soar Gifted Program is a county-wide program. Through Project Soar, a differentiated curriculum is used to meet the needs and challenges of gifted learners.  Multi-disciplinary units are used to teach and refine research skills, encourage higher levels of thinking, enhance creative and productive thinking, as well as extend the academic base of knowledge.

The elementary gifted program serves all gifted students at Samuel Hubbard Elementary School.  Students from T. G. Scott Elementary and K. B. Sutton Elementary are transported by bus from their home school to Samuel Hubbard Elementary on their regularly scheduled day of gifted services, to arrive by 8:30 am.  Students will be transported back to their home school at the end of the day, to arrive by 2:55 pm.  


The Project Soar schedule is as follows:

  • Grades K and 1 - Monday
  • Grades 2 and 3 - Tuesday
  • Grade 4 - Wednesday
  • Grade 5 - Thursday

For more information regarding the Monroe County Gifted Education Program, please email Alicia Elder, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at or call 478-994-2031, ext. 1017.

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