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Folder FAQs (1 Files)
Download Frequently Asked Questions
Folder Forms (1 Files)
Download Modified School Meal Form
Folder Menus (4 Files)
Download May 2017 Elementary Breakfast Menu
Download May 2017 Elementary Lunch Menu
Download May 2017 Middle School Breakfast Menu
Download May 2017 Middle School Lunch Menu
Folder Newsletters (31 Files)
Download August Kid's Companion 2014
Download August Newletter 2014
Download December Kid's Companion 2015
Download December Newsletter 2015
Download February 2017 Kids Companion
Download February 2017 Newsletter
Download February Kid's Companion 2016
Download February Newsletter 2016
Download January 2017 Kid`s Companion
Download January 2017 Newsletter
Download January Newsletter 2016
Download March 2017 Kids Companion
Download March 2017 Newsletter
Download May 16 Kids Companion
Download May 16 Newsletter
Download May 2017 Kid`s Companion
Download May 2017 Nutrition Newsletter
Download November 2016 Kid`s Companion
Download November 2016 Newsletter
Download October 2016 Kid`s Companion
Download October 2016 Nutrition Newsletter
Download September Kid's Companion 2014
Download September Newsletter 2014
Download October Kid's Companion 2014
Download October Newsletter 2014
Download November Kid's Companion 2014
Download November Newsletter 2014
Download December Kid's Companion 2014
Download December Newsletter 2014
Download January Kid's Companion 2015
Download January Newsletter 2015
Folder Policies (2 Files)
Download Change Policy
Download Wellness Policy
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“An Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer”
The Monroe County School System does not discriminate against persons on the basis of age, race, color, national origin,
gender, disability, religion, marital status, veteran status, sex, genetic information or political affiliation.